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December 22, 2016

Holiday Spots and Spills

There always those small details that you just don't have time to take care of on your own. Especially spots and spills as many houseguests pour in and out of your home throughout the duration of the holidays. We want you to be able to enjoy your friends and family. Let us worry about the clean up that can be difficult on your home. Chem-Dry offers their natural, safe products that work effectively taking the stress away from worrying about how you will ever get those stains out of your carpet. Holiday Spots and Spills.



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September 29, 2016

Fall Pet Allergies

Allergies can make the change in season somewhat unbearable for many people. What a lot of pet owners don’t realize is their dogs also suffer with allergies. Whether your pup is sneezing, itching, or acting differently in any other way it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for their health. Check out our signs and tips for pet allergies to see if your dog is suffering from fall allergies. For signs indicating your pet suffers from allergies and for tips on relieving the symptoms, check out our Fall Pet Allergies blog.

August 29, 2016

Chem-Dry® Cares | Pet Adoption Blog

We are excited to announce Chem-Dry’s support for Best Friends Animal Society® in their noble efforts to rescue animals from kill shelters all across the United States. As devastating as it is, countless cats and dogs are abandoned each day and many are put to death because of it. Help us support Best Friends Save Them All®. Read our blog about Pet Adoption

July 25, 2016

Pet Odors and How to Deal with Them

Pet odors come in a variety of forms, some of the most common being caused by pet urine. City Wide Chem-Dry can help with not only the pet urine odors, but the stains as well! What about odors coming from your pet itself? Here are a few causes and tips to keep your well-loved pet smelling its best! Some may even improve the health of your dog. Read Pet Odors and How to Deal with Them

June 27, 2016

5 Summer Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

During these warm summer months, keeping your home healthy requires summer cleaning. A great deal of outdoor activity is promoted leaving many people wondering about the outdoors being tracked inside and the best tips to handle this. We have a few helpful ideas to help our customers maintain the healthful state of their home during the summer season. Read 5 Summer Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

May 26, 2016

5 Reasons to Request Our Professional Stain Guard

Stain guard is a product frequently requested by many of our customers. Protectant is the unique guarding agent that we have at City Wide Chem-Dry. For any home or business owner that wants the best chance to maintain the clean condition of their carpets and upholstery after a professional cleaning, this product is recommended. Read 5 Reasons to Request Our Professional Stain Guard

April 21, 2016

Top 10 Tips to Alleviate Spring Allergies

Seasonal allergies are a huge concern for many individuals this time of year; approximately 50 million Americans are affected. Though welcoming in the warmer weather is looked forward to, with this change a variety of allergens, like pollen, make their way into your home and cling to your carpets and upholstery. Regular carpet cleaning is important to remove allergens so allergy sufferers can put their allergy symptoms at bay and enjoy the warm weather too. With our Home Health Study, it's clear that City Wide Chem-Dry is a...Read Top 10 Tips to Alleviate Spring Allergies

March 28, 2016

5 Reasons Spring Cleaning is Important

Spring cleaning is one of the best ways to feel prepared for the chanigng season. From typical dust bunnies to hazardous dust mites and bacteria development, it's clear why a seasonal cleaning is so important. Be sure to check out our Spring Cleaning Blog

February 10, 2016

Prepare for Valentine's Day

It's time to prepare for Valentine's Day! This holiday isn't generally associated with calling your local carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners, but accidents seem more likely on special occasions such as this. We have a few ideas on ways to help you feel prepared in case a spill happens and ways that City Wide Chem-Dry can help after the accident. Read our blog about how to prepare for Valentine's Day

January 11, 2015

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions have started. Some of the most frequent resolutions includespending more time with family members, decreasing stress, and improving health. At City Wide Chem-Dry, we want to support our customers and help them reach their goals. Read our New Year Resolutions Blog

December 17, 2015

Holiday Cleaning

Take a look at our useful tips and ideas for a baby-friendly and healthy home, and the best ideas for homes with pet urine and odors and tricky stains. Read about Holiday Cleaning

November 18, 2015


Holiday Tips

With winter at our doorstep, it is time to get prepared for the celebrations that are right around the corner! Your household is likely to be chaotic with the parties, gatherings, as well as other events this season might bring. Time spent with your loved ones can be more enjoyable should you prepare prior to social gatherings. Read our Holiday Tips Blog


October 20, 2015

7 Tips for Avoiding Fall Allergies


Avoid seasonal allergies to make it so your entire family can enjoy this autumn. Ragweed, outdoor mold, dust mites, and pet dander are the most common allergies this time of the year. A variety of causes can trigger allergic reactions including temperatures, wet leaves, outdoor allergens being tracked in, or even starting up the furnace for the first time. Chem-Dry has seven tips to help our customers avoid seasonal allergies..Read 7 Tips for Avoiding Fall Allergies


September 21, 2015

Professional Rug Cleaning.png

Professional Rug Cleaning

Oriental and area rugs are an important addition to many of our customer's homes so professional rug cleaning is vital. Keeping it clean and presentable is important because so much of the room's character is influenced by the rug. Often placed in high traffic areas, rugs are easily dirtied by wear and tear. You may need to consider a professional rug cleaning for reasons more than just removing the dirt locked inside the fibers; bacteria and allergens get trapped in your rugs too. Calling on City Wide Chem-Dry is key in order to keep your home in the cleanest state possible.

As valuable pieces of decor, Oriental and area rugs should be treated as such. Professional cleaning is so important for this reason. Most types of rugs can be trusted in our care thanks to our specialized tools, equipment, techniques, and training. Virtually no dirt attracting residue is left behind, so your rugs will stay cleaner for a longer time.

Valuing our customers and setting realistic expectations, rugs are quoted on-site in many situations. The professional rug cleaners at City Wide Chem-Dry can be trusted to care for your rugs. Call us today!

August 14, 2015

Professional Carpet Cleaning.png



Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is a major piece of effective home upkeep. It is highly recommended to connect with professional carpet cleaners every 6-18 months, dependent upon use. There are various reasons why booking an appointment is very important. The top five benefits are listed below:

Extends Carpet Life

When you call the professionals at City Wide Chem-Dry, you can rest assured your carpets have thoroughly been cleaned. With such detailed training and equipment, you can be confident our technique won’t harm or bring about any difficulties for your rugs. With routine cleaning appointments, your house will always look its best.

Health Benefits

Dust particles, germs, and allergens get caught within the carpet fibers. All of these particles might cause a range of health problems unless you get them taken out. Once these contaminants build up with time, they are only able to be taken out by professionals using products that can sanitize your house.


Scents get trapped within the carpeting of your home. Properties with domestic animals deal with the battle of extra frustrating smells, such as urine and feces. City Wide Chem-Dry features a product called PURT (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) that is designed to get rid of these persistent smells.


Vacuuming and spot cleaning are very important pieces of carpet care, but you aren't able to count on this alone. Professional carpet cleaning makes it possible to keep your home looking its finest.


Professional carpet cleaning could help avoid the progression of serious difficulties such as dust mites and mold. City Wide Chem-Dry uses low levels of water that won’t lead to mold growth soon after the cleaning appointment like several steam cleaners threaten.


July 17, 2015

spot removal tips stain removal tips.jpg

Spots and stains are bound to happen, however that doesn’t need to mean you'll be stuck with them for life. We've got a handful of tips to help you maintain your upholstery and carpets by using a couple of of our favorite Chem-Dry items that you can order from City Wide Chem-Dry. Make sure that you respond quickly! The more the stain sets, the tougher it can be to have a quick and easy stain removal experience.


Make sure you initially understand if the challenging spot is a water based stain or an oil based stain so you figure out what type of product to use for cleaning the stain from your household. Get rid of as much of the excess stain as possible, if at all possible. It is recommended to blot, scrape, or brush anything that will come off, but whatever way you approach it, steer clear of rubbing it in at all costs! Test the fabric or carpeting with either Chem-Dry Professional Strength Spot Remover or Chem-Dry Grease & Oil Remover on a smaller sized, hidden area to make certain the product won’t lead to any damage. To help keep the blemish from spreading, work from the outside in.


If these attempts don’t deliver the results, call the experts at City Wide Chem-Dry. Be sure to check out Protectant, a solution that will help you maintain your carpets or upholstery in between professional cleanings. For big spills, ink stains, and spots from items that can chemically harm carpet fibers, please call us to make sure your home remains in the finest condition possible.

June 12, 2015

The Natural Way to a Cleaner Home



When it comes to selecting an expert carpet cleaning service for your home, a great deal of people focus on a choosing a professional that presents a high-quality service at a cost-effective price. More and more, the elements of the cleaning product being put to use in the household or work environment are being considered.


Before eco-friendly services became a deciding detail in deciding on a carpet cleaning professional, Chem-Dry started to work toward decreasing the impact of our solutions on your family, pets, and the environment. With no need of aggressive chemicals or toxic substances, our essential carbonated cleaning solution, called The Natural, is going to naturally bring your home back to its radiant condition.


On the FDA's G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list, the green certified ingredients in The Natural will work together with our Hot Carbonating Extraction process to eliminate filth from your property. With 80% less water than what the traditional steam cleaner will use, our course of action dries more quickly to significantly limit the possibility of mildew and mold development.


For a powerful carpet cleaning, the natural way, decide on City Wide Chem-Dry for a cleaning that is healthy for your belongings, loved ones, household pets, and the environment.



May 18, 2015



Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning

Multiple customers brand new to Chem-Dry don’t recognize our technique is substantially different than what steam cleaners use. There are numerous aspects that exhibit the Chem-Dry difference. With our outstanding technique, we do more than dump gallons of soapy water and unpleasant chemicals in your home. The proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction method that we work with offers you a deeper clean, a quicker drying time, and a safer carpet cleaning than what you could find with traditional steam cleaning companies.






As a result of unwanted amount of moisture and cleaning agents that typical steam cleaners use, you may be stuck with wet carpets for 1-2 days. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Not only that, but the stiff or gluey residue left behind will pull in dust and permit your carpets to rapidly retreat to their dirty condition.




We use a large number of effervescent bubbles to unlock dust deep within the carpet’s fibers and bring them to the surface so our equipment can extract them. We use about 1/5th of the moisture that most steam cleaners use on account of the success of our approach.




Our low-moisture process doesn’t use the excessive amounts of water to soak through to the carpet backing and establish a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Similar risks that are included in steam cleaning won’t lead to a threat when you use City Wide Chem-Dry. We can deliver a more hassle-free and healthier cleaning choice. Your carpets can not only stay cleaner longer, but dry faster so you can resume your daily life quickly. The Chem-Dry way is unparalleled.



April 15, 2015

Are You on the Search for Pet Urine and Odor Removal?

Family dogs and cats are a vital and loved component of many households. Even well-trained animals could have accidents and may come back to the same general place to urinate regularly. Much more than a basic cleaning solution could very well be the necessity to dispose of the urine and odors. Here at City Wide Chem-Dry, our company offers a product named PURT (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) that, on contact, instantly will start breaking down the urine crystals.

How PURT Works:

1. First, our well trained technician determines the source and severity of the aroma. Usually we find the urine using a particular device, for example a black light. The carpeting will then be rinsed with very hot water and extracted to filter out most of the urine crystals.

2. The carpet would be pulled back around the trouble spots to show the magnitude of the damage, in the worst circumstance.

3. The pad could be taken off and changed if necessary.

4. An odor blocking shellac ought to be applied to the subfloor if identified necessary.

5. PURT is then applied heavily enough to soak in each of the urine affected areas.

6. The ingredients in PURT will interact with the urine and disintegrate the odor on the molecular level during the next 24-36 hours.

One of the benefits about this technique is how harmless it is! Your home will smell fresh and clean again plus your kids and pets won't be in harm’s way. You can learn more about PURT here.


March 19, 2015

We're professional mattress cleaners!

Mattress cleaning might not cross your mind as often as carpet or upholstery cleaning does. Here are a few facts that might demonstrate the importance of professional mattress cleaning:

  • The average bed holds up to 10,000 dust mites that can cause allergies, asthma, and hay fever.
  • People sweat up to half of a pint each night.
  • Up to 9 pounds of skin is shed every year as people sleep.
  • Mattresses should be vaccumed at least once a month and flipped every six months as a way to reduce dust mites.
You can count on City Wide Chem-Dry for mattress cleaning services in your home!

March 16, 2015




Don’t Allow Spring Cleaning to Push You Over the Edge

Day one of spring is almost here! As the weather gets warmer, it operates as a reminder to give your place a fresh, clean start. Make your home a much safer, healthier spot to live, through turning to the experts at City Wide Chem-Dry.

Pointers from City Wide Chem-Dry

Contact the Experts

Over the winter months, debris and bacteria typically build up a lot more than during the remainder of the year. The easiest method to effectively free your home of these unhealthy contaminants is to call City Wide Chem-Dry and set up an appointment. With our green certified solution, your home will have a deeper and healthier cleaning compared to what you will find with alternative companies. Additionally, we use 1/5th of the water than what just about all steam cleaners so you will realize that we supply a faster drying service. Your property is going to be dry in just a few hours and no mildew or mold will build up.

Get Rid of Mold & Mildew

In damp parts of your property, mildew and mold may have already developed allowing it to spark allergic attacks. During this time of year specifically, individuals with allergen hypersensitivity don’t need yet another thing to set them off. Visit your bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchen areas to make certain your home doesn’t have fungal development and use non-toxic cleaning equipment to clear out what may be there.

Have a Dust-Free Environment

Appropriately dusting every section of your home - like filters, ducts, and vents - you decrease your home’s exposure to pollens and various other airborne elements. Regular vacuuming decreases the amount of dust that settles onto your carpet. It is wise to vacuum at the very least 1-3 times each week.

Greet spring with a fresh and clean, happy home!


February 6, 2015



What types of bacteria are actually brought to your household?

raccoon door.gif

Hopefully you haven't had any raccoon burglars sneaking in by using your pet's entry door, but it's impossible to keep record of everything that has come in contact with your household. It is crucial to sanitize your upholstery and carpets frequently. It is especially urged to sanitize households with little ones and pets. We don’t imagine that you'd want your small child, who likes to crawl on carpets and upholstery, to be rolling around in bacteria and unhealthy allergens.

Sanitization is a vital answer to lessen allergens and bacteria, making your household the very best it could be for you and your family. The fibers of upholstery and carpets will easily build up and trap plenty of allergens and germs. These particles can distribute illness and aggravate allergies or asthma. The more common allergens that originate from dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, and pests will be greatly reduced if you are using the sanitizing method that we happily present to our customers.

With our deodorizer, we'll be prepared to benefit customers who happen to be concerned with a smell on their carpets or upholstery. Our technicians are trained in a protectant to guard against upcoming spills and stains. We have a specific method to eliminate pet urine and pet odors. With so many areas of unique training, we want our customers to understand their property is in good hands.

Call City Wide Chem-Dry to explore more about making your residence the healthiest it can be!


January 19, 2015

As time passes, the borders of the carpet following the wall become discolored. These areas are classified as filtration lines which are particularly prominent on light-colored carpet.

How did I get filtration lines?

It might seem it is the incapacity to be capable of perfectly vacuum the corners, but that is only one part of the issue. Air flow is allowed within the very small gaps between the panels and this is impossible to prevent even with the best built houses. A shift in the temperature or pressure differences in the home drives air under walls and doors. Any waste that the air is possibly carrying gets tangled inside the carpet fibers while it goes through the holes between the boards, the carpeting serving as a filter. Eventually, these tiny contaminants build up, soiling and darkening your carpeting.

How do I get rid of filtration lines?

Without the the proper gear, it is hard to rid your residence of filtration lines. Deep cleaning, agitation, and the appropriate cleaning solution are the vital components to clear out the darkened edges. As professionals, at City Wide Chem-Dry our company is well trained to clear out your filtration line troubles. After breaking down the oil, dirt, and grime contaminants that are stuck in the carpet fibers, our strong, yet gentle, equipment will take out the debris for good. Your home should stay cleaner for a longer time because we avoid solutions which can leave behind any dirt attracting residue.

Your home or business can benefit by calling on the professionals at City Wide Chem-Dry to skillfully clean the carpets. You don't need to wait any longer, call or click for significantly cleaner carpets!

Circle of Excellence
Presidents Award
Tile & Stone
Award Winner

*Based on studies conducted by independent laboratories of Chem-Dry’s HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction), P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), Granite Countertop Renewal, and Tile, Stone & Grout cleaning processes. Allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite allergen. Pet odor results based on testing with the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine. Pet urine bacteria results based on Chem-Dry’s HCE cleaning process and a sanitizer, combined with P.U.R.T. All bacteria results include use of sanitizer. Figures are an average across multiple tests.

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